Premier Titling Classes – starting October 1st!

We are excited to announce the newest AKC class – Premier – starting October 1, 2015 This class will provide an opportunity for agility competitors to demonstrate different handling skills than those required for the Master Level Classes in Standard & Jumpers With Weaves.  The Premier class will focus on handling the sequence or sequences of the day. Premier is an optional class. Clubs may, but are not required to offer Premier Standard and Premier Jumpers with Weaves on the same day. Exhibitors may enter Premier and Master Standard and/or Jumpers With Weaves on the same day. A club may add Premier to an already approved trial as long as the premium has not been published for the trial.  The Trial Chairperson will need to send an email to the Companion Operations department to have it added.   July 1, 2015 there will be the new Trial application that will have the Premier classes as an option both for online applications and paper. Both Standard and JWW Premier courses will be Master level courses incorporating a number of elements that challenge the dog and handler in ways that are not seen on traditional AKC courses.  These elements include sequences like threadles, back-side jumps, pull-throughs, layering, challenging weave pole entries, and longer running passes.  One bi-directional jump or tunnel will be allowed to encourage handling strategies.  Obstacle spacing on Premier courses may exceed the limits of those on Master courses. Premier courses will use the same obstacles as the corresponding Master course. At the judge’s discretion a viaduct may be used in place of the panel jump, there may be 3 tunnel passes and there will be no table.  A Premier course will have 19 to 21 obstacles, 3 side switches, 4 Premier Elements and 5 Challenges.  Courses will be judged using AKC Master scoring and hand signals.

Click here to review the Premier Class Regulations AKC Agility Regs NEW Chapter 11 Premier

The FORMS page of this Blog has been updated with both these Word documents and PDF versions of the entry form. Agility Trial Secretary software vendors will be receiving communication from Steve Herwig shortly with more specifics for integrating this new class into their software packages. IF you have customized software and need these specs, send email to Steve H at

Congratulations to our Graduating Class of 2015!

Congratulations to AKC’s 13 new Agility Judges who passed the seminar this weekend!

Our sincerest gratitude to Bonnie Buchanan’s Bon-Clyde Learning Center in Sanford, NC for hosting the seminar and to all the volunteers who gave of their time on Saturday and Sunday helping us with the practical exam aspect of the seminar!

Judge City State Email
Baker, Bruce Georgetown TX
Boyd, Kenneth Vista CA
Boyer, Jeffrey Venice FL
Buchla, Todd Marietta GA
Carleton, Nicholas Andover MA
Davis, Zach Salem OR
Ferrand, Brian Mills River NC
Gibbs, Ben Kingsport TN
Gilmer, Frank North Beach MD
Kaplan, Elliot Gilsum NH
Ogle, Mark Swannanoa NC
Rainer, Stefanie Dix Hills NY
Simonelli, Laura West Islip NY

Premier Class Update

We are getting a lot of questions about Premier Demos.  If your clubs would like to offer a Premier Demo they will need to agree to use the Premier scribe sheets we will provide and collect data for us via an excel spreadsheet we will provide.  No rep is required at the trial.  We do not have a definite start date for this new class.  We hope to announce the date by mid-June.

Only dogs at the Exc/Master level may enter the demo.  Dogs may be entered more than once if the club wants to allow it.  Please use the Non-Regular Class request for the Premier demo

Let us know who will be designing the course or if you would like us to provide one on the application.

Exc/Master Provisional Judges may judge this class.  Also, an exhibitor who is entered in the regular classes may judge this since it is not a title class at this time. The judge of record may also judge and it will not count against their 330 limit.  Please see the Agility Regs Chapter 1, Sections 18 & 31.

AKC’s New Web Site – Where to find Online Entries & Entry Management

AKC has launched a new web site this morning.

Please be aware if your exhibitors use Online Entries, the location has changed for finding the link. The link no longer exists on the Agility Home page.


  • Go to:
  • At the top right, click on SIGN IN
  • A Login pop-up will appear.
  • Although it asks for an Email and Password, just type in your MyAKC Account ID (which is possibly not an email) and password
  • Click the LOG IN button below password.
  • The top of the screen will change from SIGN IN to MY AKC. This is your only indication that you are now logged in.
  • Hover over the MY AKC and a drop-down with options will appear.
  • Under My Event Tools is where ENTER AGILITY EVENT(S) is located.


  • Go to:
  • At the top right, click on SIGN IN
  • A Login pop-up will appear.
  • Although it asks for an Email and Password, just type in your MyAKC Account ID (which is possibly not an email) and password
  • Click the LOG IN button below password.
  • The top of the screen will change from SIGN IN to MY AKC. This is your only indication that you are now logged in.
  • Hover over the MY AKC and a drop-down with options will appear.
  • Under My Event Tools, click on MY EVENTS.
  • A new web page will open. ENTRY MANAGEMENT is on the left side under My Event Tools.

Contact Kim Mitchell at if you need further assistance.

2016 Corresponding Date Calendar

The published corresponding date calendar is correct for 2016. 2016 is a ‘shift year’ since January 2 is on a Saturday and the first dog event weekend is the first weekend to occur in which Saturday’s date is neither January 1 nor January 2.

Special Event and Non-Regular events defined by the club

We are excited to announce two new opportunities for clubs to be more creative with their agility trials.  Both the Special Event Agility Trial and the addition of Non-Regular Classes that can be defined by the club we hope will give clubs a chance to make their trials a true event for exhibitors.

If the club already has a trial application in we will allow the opportunity to amend the application.  If the Premium List is already published there may not be an addition/change at this point.  These new trials and classes may be run after January 1, 2015.  If there are any questions on either of these two new opportunities please contact Carrie DeYoung at

Insert for regulation changes can be found at:

Forms can be found under Regulations And Forms at:

All judges must agree to the elimination of judge’s assignment due to low entries

As entry patterns have changed in some areas of the country, clubs are looking to drop a judge when entries are below the number needed for the number of judges contracted.

Per Chapter 1, Section 18, Paragraph 6 of the Regulations for Agility Trials:

“Clubs are allowed to remove judge(s) from the judging panel if entries are low and both the club and the judge(s) agree to this action in writing.”  This means ALL judges for the trial must agree to the change, not just the judge being dropped.

Often when a judge is dropped that leaves the judge(s) left on the assignment with minimal time to create additional courses for the weekend.  Due to the remaining judge(s) own personal schedules this may not be something the judge(s) is prepared to do.   This judge also has the right to decline the change in assignment if they do not feel the change in the terms of their judging assignment works for them.   Clubs may offer to purchase courses from the judge that has agreed to be dropped.  All terms of a judging assignment should be spelled out in the contract with the judge(s).  These terms should include how the club and judge will handle a reduction in the number of judges for the trial.

2013 Agility Advisory Committee – recommendations part 2 *corrected link*

A second list of Agility Advisory recommendations have been posted for the agility fancy to review and comment upon.

There is a link to the Explanations and a link to where recommendations may be ranked and commented.

The deadline for submitting rankings and comments is Wednesday, August 20th.

New Executive Field Representative – Terri Campbell

On August 4, 2014 the AKC Agility Department will welcome Terri Campbell from Huntsville, AL as their newest Executive Field Representative.

Terri has loved animals all her life. When her father retired from the military, and settled in Huntsville Alabama, her sister gave her a Golden Retriever. This was her first introduction to obedience classes and training a dog.

After graduating high school in 1974, she pursued a career in horses, primarily hunters; boarding, training, and teaching. Her students competed successfully throughout the southeast.

Later in life Terri made a career change, and went to college pursuing a degree in business and computer science. For many years she worked in an Information Technology Department as a Business Systems Analyst and Project Leader. With an 8 to 5 job she needed an outlet. She started taking Obedience classes, and joined a local Obedience Club in Huntsville, Alabama. She began competing in Obedience with a German Shepherd, English Springer Spaniel and Lhasa Apso. In 1996, she introduced the sport of Agility to her local Obedience Club.

Terri became an AKC Agility judge in 2002. She was invited to judge the 2011 AKC Agility Invitational and the 2014 AKC National Agility Championship.

Terri and her husband Chuck share their home in Huntsville, Alabama with their nine year old Golden Retriever, an English Springer Spaniel, Logan (a 2011 Agility National Qualifier) and their newest English Springer Spaniel, Harper.

Terri has been active in her local Obedience Club, (HOTC) Huntsville Obedience Training Club for over 20 years. Terri has held various key positions at HOTC, and also teaches Obedience and Agility classes. Terri and Chuck are also members of the Golden Retriever Club of America, and the English Springer Field Trial Association.

Terri is very excited to be joining the AKC Agility Department. Traveling, and meeting people around the country has been the best part of judging for her, and she is looking forward to continuing that.


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